Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Been Awhile! Some recent happenings around 4 Cheek land and Owasso & Oologah Pentecostal Churches!

Greetings to those of you who happen by this little 4 Cheek corner of the web! It's been way too long since this little blog has been updated and we apologize for being so remiss in keeping it up!

Life has been good, God has continued to be GREAT and things are busy! Here's a few recent happenings in our world!

The boys and one of their friends.

So honored to have Rev. Dan Switzer minister for Celebration Sunday recently. What a Word he brought us on "BreakingOut!"

A few of the men having chili and planning for the next phase of our Owasso church remodel

More of the chili dinner!

Mapping out new platform!

A few of the ladies meeting for tea after ladies prayer!

So honored to meet and baptize Lewis and Beth Gordon! God continues to do great things!

We celebrated 13 years of marriage this month! Time flies when you are having fun!

Cayden roller skating

An Uncomfortable Stretch!!

This dear precious saint of God, who I knew as my Aunt Bell went home to be with Jesus. We love and miss you Aunt Bell!!

Roller Skating or talking!?

Cameron on wheels...oh what a thought!

Nothing else matters more than these times!

A few of the young people enjoying fellowship and wheels!

Walls come down when it's time for Kingdom advancement and progress! These back walls are coming down!!

So honored to have Elder David Keller in service with us recently. What a great man of God!